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Gallium + Silicium = Galicium

CIGS stands for copper indium gallium selenide. It is one of the semiconductor material systems (non-toxic, pollutant-free, environmentally-friendly) which so far provide the highest current yield in thin-film photovoltaics. CIGS solar modules are cheaper in the manufacturing process than the widely used silicon cells. This CIS thin film technology is particularly suitable for large roof surfaces e.g. in the trade. In addition, it not only allows glass but also laminated flexible film as a solar module with semiconductors and to use it as a solar cell.

Silicon is the true standard semiconductor today in photovoltaics, with the world’s largest production capacities. The solar cells are either produced as polycrystalline wafers or from monocrystalline ingots, which achieve particularly high power densities due to their ordered “single crystal” structure – but are more complex in production.


Galicium Solar connects 2 Worlds in one name.

Gallium as an innovation carrier, for commercial use and silicon as mature, reliable cells for almost all applications.