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PV on roof
Solar wall

Galicium Solar delivers Turn Key solutions!

In Time and in Budget!

You have the roof surface available, we have the most reliable solar system. Generating electricity for your own needs has never been as useful and profitable as it is today. With Galicium’s many years of expertise, we offer the right solar energy power plant for new buildings, renovation or post fitting. With our operating models this works without capital or capitalization in your balance sheets. You immediately benefit from energy cost saving and independence from price increases. You can request information material here.

The approach makes the difference!

As a partner of industry and commerce, as well as of residential construction companies, Galicium first analyzes the technical environment, examines the energy requirements and determines the potentials. This framework data is indispensable to create the economically optimal concept and to find the best solution for you. Design, engineering and project management go hand in hand with qualified realization.

Photo-voltaic projects belong in the right hands from the starting point.

Consulting, planning and assembly by experienced experts. Our solartists and electricians know what is important on the roof: careful professional work, rational procedures and above all the longevity of our installation and the building substance.

Stylish architecture combined with sensible function.

Roof and facade can be used perfectly for energy generation by building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). At Galicium we create elegant and useful uplifting features for modern buildings:

  • Visually attractive facade design
  • Generate energy as an economic contribution to building maintenance, as opposed to standard facades or standard roofing that only generate ongoing costs
  • Provide shading solutions or intelligent “solar insulation” with photo voltaic installations in order protect the building from heat and radiation in the summer

Your company – your electricity:

Cheap and independent energy supply with the power of the sun.

For corporates

Companies have clear requirements: the investment in their own power generation must bring convincing advantages! Welcome to Galicium! We create a technical and commercial project development for you as a decision-making base. Together, we find pros and cons – the best prerequisites for a long-term positive commitment.

For the Building industry

Housing companies can upgrade their properties and make them more attractive to tenants. Galicium provides models such as solar power where it can be delivered to residential owners, tenants and tenants of commercial space.

For Solar cooperatives

Since the abolition of subsidies and the introduction of the penal system, Solar cooperatives have been looking for new operating models. Welcome to Galicium! In the often difficult environment between real estate owners, earnings expectations of the partners and the appropriate implementation concept, we are consult from the first consideration to the final handover.

For Architects

For architects, we are the first point of contact when it comes to general questions about the design of roof and façade photovoltaics. For the design of the energy budget and the classification of energy efficiency, architects need the possible solar energy contribution from a Photovoltaic system: The more complex, the better.

For public enterprises

Tenders require effective processing, costing and superior conditions. Welcome to Galicium! The prequalification as a competent and reliable bidder is ensured just like a correct procedural handling. Send us your performance list to include an interesting contractor in the selection.

For private

As a house builder, are you looking for the right Photovoltaics system for your new building? Or you are we still thinking about how electricity and heat, how storage and consumers complement each other in your project? Welcome to Galicium!  We are planning for new buildings or houses in the portfolio, we offer solar systems with exceptional output and outstanding guarantees. In this way, we create satisfaction over the entire service life of the selected components.