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Our services in the field of energy storage

Solarpanels on roof
Solarpanels on wall

Solarpower even after Sunset

Increase your independence with the storage and use more your own electricity coming from the roof. In doing so, your individual setup must be taken into account. Is a single-phase system sufficient? Is the storage to be retrofitted to an existing PV? How important is an emergency power supply? And above all stands the reliability of the storage technology with the highest cycle strength and a proper long term calculation of the service.

Storage is becoming economical
In the past, adding storage has almost doubled the cost of generating electricity from the roof . Today, Galicium offers technologies and operator concepts that will make even critical calculations profitable! This is because storage can do more than only buffer your energy: network services, marketing strategies and “power sharing” are bringing in whole new dimensions of storage usage. Galicium offers attractive packages of storage and operating models.

Managing the production, storage and usage of energy
Combined heat and power plants, heat pumps, photovoltaic systems and storage systems must complement each other optimally. This requires a central management unit or the multilateral communication between the units. Galicium expertise lays in a large number of components and the associated data technology so that we can find the perfect integration for every project.

Blackout: Uninterruptible power supply
Emergency power supply in the event of power failure: solar modules on the roof and storage in the basement can then supply energy when it is most urgently needed. Galicium uses suitable storage systems or offers the standard network switching device for commercial use.