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Our Energy Management Services

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Save costs and protect the climate

The first step focuses on saving potentials which can be realized in the short term and in a non-investment or low-investment environment. Galicium then accompanies companies with the introduction of an integrated management system according to standard DIN EN ISO 50001, or when carrying out specific “resource-saving” energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1. In doing so, we do not have to reinvent the wheel: the goal is the transfer or integration of existing systems such as EMAS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 or our own EHS standards. We also offer support for clients in specific project tasks such as load analysis, energy management, building structure and technical building equipment.

You know the share of energy costs at their total operating costs. But now you would like to see the individual energy carriers (electricity, oil, gas, steam, compressed air, etc.) down to the consumer or the cost carriers in a simple report. In the first stage Galicium does not use complex networked measuring instruments. The smart Galicium energy monitoring system creates “minimum invasive” counting and measuring points, which provide an overview of the entire consumption situation. With this energy map, suitable priorities for energy efficiency measures can be set. Full transparency and fast results are thus ensured!